I'm Megan.  I'm a lover of Jesus, wife to Beau and mom to two wonderful little boys and two babies we lost to miscarriage.  I love my church, Messiah United Methodist Church.  I look forward to Sunday (worship) and Tuesday (faith group) every week.  I love Holy Yoga.  I came across it in October of 2011 and it sparked my faith and love for Jesus into high gear.  It is my place to worship, pray and reconnect with Jesus on my yoga mat.  I am a Holy Yoga Instructor and teach a couple of classes a week!  God is sooooo good!  

I grew up in the Twin Cities with my parents, little brother, a dog, hamsters and even a rabbit. I moved to Kansas for college.  I went through Cosmetology school and got my Manicurist licence.  Kansas is where I met my wonderful husband.

I met my husband, Beau, through some mutual friends (they are now married with 3 kids).  I knew that I was going to marry him within a week of meeting him.  It took him a little longer to realize it though.  We've been married for 10 years. 

Barrett and Myles are my loves.  They are my heart outside of my body, my most precious gift.  And we hold dear the two babies we've lost. 

We have called the Twin Cities home since spring of 2008.  My husband has a construction background (very thankful for his handiness) and now works with my dad and brother in the family business, Twin Cities Tile and Grout Professionals.