Monday, February 3, 2014

Grace at Cafe Chocolat

This last weekend I had the privilege of going on a retreat called Cafe Chocolat with 40 other women to eat some chocolate and spend some time with the Lord.  I was on the leadership team and knew the ins and outs of the weekend.  I wasn't expecting to be moved like I was.  God had different plans.

During our last session we sat with chocolate syrup (our sin) in our hand for what seemed like a really long time, but was probably 10-15 minutes.  It was a mess.  It spread all over, got on everything around you and even on others around you.  That's so like sin, isn't it?  It's just a mess and it spreads.

There were four women standing up front ready to wipe our sin away.  One of them was my mom.  I didn't go to her because I was trying to avoid crying.  I went to another line and as my sin was being wiped away I was overcome with emotions.

Friends.  I lost it.  I thought about His grace and how much He has changed me in the past year.  How He has just loved on me.  How He has molded me through my hard times.  How thankful I am for having my hard times so I lean into Him more.

I realized He's been working to give me a new name.  And for this I am thankful.  Praise!

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