Thursday, October 13, 2011

My top three... from Pinterest

Oh my goodness... I have found Pinterest this week.  
It's so addicting and I had no idea how much I would love it.  I love being able to "pin" things to my board and come back to them later.  It's like bookmarking websites on steroids!  Whether they are decorating ideas, great quotes, craft ideas or gift ideas I just pin the all.  I love it!  

So, I wanted to share some of my favorites so far... 

1. Ruffled t-shirt scarf.  This is an awesome way to use old t-shirts around the house.  What a cute way to bring a fresh look to your wardrobe.

2. I got a bag full of maps from my wonderful grandparents this past weekend and I am having a lot of fun coming up with ways to use the maps.  Some might even turn up under the Christmas tree this year.

3. I picked up an old dog food tin at Arc's Value Village in New Hope this week.  Our current dog food container sits out right now and it's just plain ugly.  I decided that if it has to be out it might as well be cute!

I hope you are able to find inspiration on Pinterest.  I definitely have.  Happy Pinning!


  1. I'm so with ya on the pinterest addiction! I think it would be so fun to have a "pinterest party". Everyone could bring their laptops, we could sit around the kitchen table, family room or coffee shop, and we could all search and pin together, come up with fun little projects to do and just enjoy the company of others while supporting our addiction. Although I haven't had much time to "pin" lately, but maybe after today I'll get to spend some time with it.

  2. Hi! I'm Amee from Floriday. :) I've been reading so many of your posts on here! I stumbled upon your blog though I Heart Organizing. You left a comment..and I've been known to click on someones name to see what there blog is about..and so I'm here! lol
    I can't wait to read more!
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