Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Digger Birthday

So, I realize that I'm a month late sharing pictures of Myles' birthday.  Sorry, better late than never.  We had  a wonderful afternoon celebrating his 2nd (oh my, my baby is 2!) birthday with family and friends. 

Here's the wreath I made to greet everyone.  All I did was take a wire wreath form and tied caution tape around it and then tied diggers, bulldozers and road graters to it with yarn.  So easy and fun!

Here's the sign at the other door.  I covered a sign I had with caution tape and then printed off and cut out a large 2.  Taped it on and done!

Here's his birthday cake.  I found my inspiration here, but changed it up a little.  

We had so many people celebrating Myles' birthday with us that I had to make cupcakes too. 

Opening presents with Uncle Jared.  Notice the digger on the floor (a new favorite). 

Paul helping open up the "learn to dress monkey."  Which is another favorite.

We were so blessed to have not only one set of Great Grandparents there with us,  

but two sets.  What a blessing to share the special day with them! 

Myles with a nice chocolate mustache :) 

Barrett eating cake with Papa. 

If you wanted to use the bathroom, you had to step into the port-a-potty ;)

I had so much fun decorating for his birthday and an even more fun celebrating my baby turning 2 with many of the people that we love most.  

Til the next birthday... which Barrett tells me with be Batman themed :)



  1. Some really great ideas Megan. Love that it's all home made and probably cost way less!!