Monday, April 30, 2012

It's Official

I officially registered to become a Holy Yoga instructor today!  I can't believe it!  I feel like it's been such a long journey to get here.  I know it's only been since January, but there have been so many bumps in the road it feels like much longer.  I've overcome most of those bumps and handed the rest of them over to God.  He can deal with them, I'm going to be still.  

The Lord with fight for you; you need only to be still.  Exodus 14:14

As excited as I am I know that this now means that come July 12th, life will get very busy (as if it's not busy enough already).  This is probably when I'm going to wonder what I was thinking.  How am I going to work 15-18 hours of school per week into my life?  I know it will happen, with much prayer, patience, listening to God's will and scheduling.  
You might be missing me on Facebook during that time :).   

Want to check out what Holy Yoga is all about?  Come with me to a class!  I'll be at Colonial Church in Edina at 7:00pm tomorrow.  Can't make it tomorrow, click here to see a schedule for all the classes in the Twin Cities.  


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  1. YAY! Good for you! So happy you have taken the steps to make this happen...and can't wait for Holy Yoga at Messiah :) will be right across the street from Scott's parent's house when you are at Colonial Church.