Monday, October 22, 2012

I know. . . or do I?

This morning at Myles' ECFE (Early Childhood and Family Education, for those non-Minnesotans) class we were talking about mirroring our kids emotions back to them.  I asked a question about Barrett always telling Myles what to do.  Our wonderful facilitator gave a good response.  She told me to say to Barrett "You feel you know what Myles needs to do and you want to tell him."  I've said it a couple of times to him today and he just agrees.

I wrote this on some post-it notes and placed them around the house because I won't remember the wording.  I was passing a note this afternoon looked at it and changed the words around a little bit.  I changed it to what I seem to be saying to God lately.

I feel I know what I need to do in life and I want to tell Him exactly what that is.

That stopped me in my tracks.  Deep down I know I don't know what I need in life, except Jesus.  I know I need Him.  So, if I know this why do I continue to try and control my life and everything around me?  

What if I change that wording again?  What would God say to me?

You feel you know what you need in life, but put your trust in Me and you will truly live.

Lord, please help me to hand my life over to You.  Today and every day.  I can't even imagine in my wildest dreams what You have in store for me if I would just let go and trust in You fully.  Thank you for everything You have granted me in this life.  You truly are an amazing and wonderful God.  Amen.

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