Friday, December 2, 2011

Daily Three

Does anyone else have some blogs that you check daily?  I have three and I have them all delivered to my email every day (that they post).  I look forward to the little ding of my blackberry telling me that they've arrived.  I'm always looking for something new to read, let me know if you have a blog!

Kate has some awesome hair tutorials that are really easy to follow, a few decorating tips, some cooking, fashion and gives me a good laugh every once in awhile.  She also has an etsy shop with some cute jewelry she and her sister make.

Jen has a super organization blog.  She has three boys (which I can relate to, well I have two) and likes neatness and order... aka organization.  I think she might be my organization twin living in a different state.  She's just better at it than I am.  She also has an etsy shop with some great organizational tools.

This is one that I just found.  Kenzie's story is amazing!  The strength she finds in her faith is inspiring.  I look forward to following her blog about being a stay at home mama with three kids.

Happy Blogging Everyone!

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